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My family absolutely loves your angel trees. I bought one for myself and placed it in our family room….it is so whimsical and fun. A few weeks later, my 3 children asked to buy small Christmas trees for their rooms. I took them out shopping for mini green Christmas trees…but they looked disappointed as we were looking at the wiry trees. Finally, my 6 year old spoke up and said ”We want trees like yours…feathers!” With much luck, I was able to buy one apple green tree for my son and 2 magenta for my girls. You have started a new tradition in our home…thank you!!! 

– Katie Davis

Oh my gosh! Are these just not absolutely the coolest Christmas trees you’ve ever seen? …I mean look at it. Seriously. It’s awesome. It needs me. Okay, maybe it doesn’t need me so much as I need it but oh my gosh — a pink feather Christmas tree. I’m overcome at the pinkness of it all… Everything’s made better with a lil pink and some fluffy feathers.

– Carole Ann

I saw these wreaths in a magazine article about decorating for Halloween. I love them; I really like the orange one for Halloween; they put it on the window above their kitchen sink, and it was just precious.

– Kelly

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