Decorate with style.

Starting a new tradition is easy and decorative with our unique Angel Wreaths and Angel Trees. You will create a sensation for all seasons and all celebrations– from Christmas holidays to the birth of a new baby.

Angel Wreaths-Trees is a modern accent & decor brand dedicated to bringing quality design and style to any traditional setting. Our fluffy, feathery door decorations have attracted admiring glances since the first Angel Wreath was presented to a friend celebrating the birth of her first child. We have been featured in InStyle magazine, USA today, Country Living, Southern Lady, on the Today Show, on HGTV and through many other national media outlets. Our unique decor has adorned the windows and in-store displays of local & national retail stores.


Our line of accents and decor feature a truly unique signature collection of feather wreaths & trees in more than two dozen colors and combinations. 


Add a touch of modern to the traditional. Decorate with style.


– AngelWreaths.com Team

white 36-inch feather tree