A Feather Tree Story

Feather Christmas trees were first created in Germany in 1880 and are regarded as one of the first types of artificial Christmas trees. These first artificial trees were, in part, a response to growing environmental concerns in the late 19th century concerning deforestation associated with the harvest of Christmas trees in Germany. The tradition of feather Christmas trees was brought to the United States by German immigrants in places such as Pennsylvania and Texas. Feather Christmas trees became popular during the early 20th century,and were sold by department stores in the United States.


AngelWreaths Trees took it to a whole new level and re-designed the new feather trees for the next century. The design is contemporary, fuller in shape, comfortably soft, lightweight and can be decorated with ornaments that adorn the holidays. Silverio Baranda created this unique eco-friendly feather tree with the purpose of spreading awareness in saving our forests and eliminating the use of harmful artificial plastic trees. This is the American version of the European – German influenced feather tree. Silverio called it our own “American Feather Tree”. A unique feature of the AngelWreaths Trees is that all trees are collapsible for easy storage and are easily assembled in less than a minute with no tools required. A new tradition for a good cause.

Feather Trees: Then & Now